LATEST: Rocker Ozzy Osbourne considered murdering a thief last night (22NOV04) who stole his wife SHARON's wedding ring and a sapphire "survival" jewel celebrating her successful battle with cancer.

The former BLACK SABBATH star held the intruder in a headlock and dangled him out of a window of his Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, mansion, nine metres (30 feet) above the ground.

And the 55-year-old rocker admits he was tempted to break the burglar's neck and pretend it was an accident, before the robber dropped to the ground and escaped with irreplaceable jewellery worth more than $4 million (GBP2 million).

He says, "I dived and grabbed him. I had him in a headlock, the rest of his body was dangling out of the window. He was choking. He was scared, so was I. I didn't know if he had a knife or a gun.

"I thought for a mad split second, 'I could snap your neck like a straw, snap it and let you fall and say it was an accident.' But then I just let him drop, I couldn't kill him, I couldn't live with that on my conscience.

"There is so much love in these things, and these people have taken our love away as if it is worthless."

23/11/2004 02:37