Reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne has blasted the American and British governments for their continued involvement in Iraq.

The former Black Sabbath frontman is appalled by the number of military men who have lost their lives or limbs since America invaded the Middle Eastern country in 2003 - and believes it is time for all servicemen to leave the country especially as Saddam Hussein has been overthrown.

Osbourne says, "Last year I went to the military hospital in Washington and these f**king kids, they're not even shaving yet, have had their eyes blown out and their arms blown off. I'm thinking this is wrong.

"Why are we still there - after all, we've liberated the f**king country, haven't we?

"They're after Osama Bin Laden and they go, 'OK, we haven't got Bin Laden yet so we'll invade Iraq.' It's like saying, 'There's a war in Scotland so we'll invade Wales.'

"So why did we invade? Oh, Saddam Hussein looks bad. Well they all f**king bad so it's like, what the f**k was that all about? So anyone that looks bad you think is a bad person.

"But I don't think many politicians would send their own f**king kids into Iraq. They should bring our kids home. I'm really strong about that, you know."

03/04/2005 14:25