Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has pledged his full support to son JACK's latest career goal - to become a fireman.

The former BLACK SABBATH star has dispelled the myth that heavy rocking fathers always encourage their children to succeed them and keep their legacies alive in the music industry.

And while Jack has tested his talents in the field of band management, Ozzy insists he's just as excited about his boy's recent desire to don a hard hat and fight blazing infernos.

He says, "Jack said the other day, 'I've tried fame, I like the perks.' I said, 'Which perks?' He said, 'The women.' Fine.

"But he said, 'I think I want to be a fireman.' I didn't say, 'F**k off, you've got to carry the torch.' Good on him!"

23/02/2005 21:32