Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has applauded British royal Prince Harry for injuring a photographer's lip last week (21OCT04).

The BLACK SABBATH star hopes the fracas outside a London nightclub will teach the paparazzi to respect the monarchy.

He says, "I couldn't agree more with what he's done. That boy and that family get such a hard time and he's been pushed too far and lashed out.

"The other bloke absolutely had it f**king coming to him. I think it's b**ody great what Harry did. It's all about getting respect and Harry wasn't getting it.

"In the past if a royal was caught up in a situation like that he'd say, 'Oh George, someone's f**king bothering me.' Not Harry, he just turned around and lamped the b**tard."

27/10/2004 09:19