Ozzy Osbourne "travelled the world" while he lay in his hospital bed recovering from a near-fatal quad bike crash last year (DEC03) - or so he thought.

The rocker-turned-reality TV star languished in WEXHAM PARK HOSPITAL, Slough, south England for eight days before regaining full consciousness following the horror smash on 8 December (03) and says his experience has left him confused and disorientated.

The former Black Sabbath frontman explains, "One minute I'd be walking down Beaconsfield High Street in England and the next I'd be in Auckland, New Zealand. I went everywhere - Switzerland, Amsterdam...

"At one point I was convinced I was fishing with a group of Asian fishermen off the coast of Wales. How mad is that?

"Other times there'd be a white light shining through the darkness but no angels, no one blowing trumpets and no man with a white beard."

And Ozzy admits that even now - as he continues to recover from the serious injuries he sustained during the crash - he is unable to distinguish between his real life and his hallucinations.

He adds, "You think you're going crazy and seeing people that you haven't. I say to SHARON: 'Do you remember going to so and so?'

"Then she'll say we never went there. I don't know the difference between dreams and reality."

07/01/2004 17:04