Rocker KELLY OSBOURNE suffered a mental breakdown last year (03) following "12 months of hell".

Kelly admits she caved in to depression after a catalogue of personal disasters since 2002 left her feeling burnt out.

The singer was left devastated when her mother SHARON was diagnosed with colon cancer, her rocker beau BERT McCRACKEN split with her and her brother JACK was treated in rehab for his drug addiction.

Charismatic Kelly - whose legendary father Ozzy nearly died in December (03) when he crashed his quad bike - also struggled to cope with the BLACK SABBATH star's return to his alcohol ways, brought about by his wife's illness.

And on top of all her family crises, she was axed by her record label EPIC - something she didn't know about until she read it in a magazine.

She says, "My mum nearly died, somebody who I thought I was in love with broke my heart, my brother went into rehab, my dog Lulu died and I got dropped by my record company.

"It just seemed to be getting worse and worse and to be honest with you, it gave me a nervous breakdown in the summer. I got sent home from Europe because I was exhausted and emotionally f***ed.

"I've had to deal with every single person in the world judging me."

30/01/2004 02:23