JACK OSBOURNE started taking Oxycontin pills because the negative press surrounding them made then seem "cool".

The 17-year-old son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne checked into a rehab clinic in the summer (03) after developing an addiction to the drugs.

And had they not been so controversial, he doubts he would have paid them any attention.

He says, "I thought, 'Wow. This drug's getting all this attention, it's gotta be cool.'"

But the reality was far less alluring than the fantasy.

He admits, "It's not glamorous, it's not fun. It's completely redundant. You become this lifeless human pod at the end of the day. You serve no purpose."

And as well as the physical benefits of giving up the drug, Jack says he's much better off financially - because he used to spend $40 (GBP25) for each 80-milligram pill on the streets of Los Angeles.

He notes, "It's way more expensive than heroin."

21/10/2003 09:09