The British hospital where Ozzy Osbourne recovered from his horrific quad bike accident injuries is naming a new operating theatre in his honour.

Last month (DEC03), the former Black Sabbath frontman was rushed to Berkshire's WEXHAM PARK HOSPITAL after breaking six ribs, a collarbone and a neck vertebra in the accident on his nearby English country estate.

To show their gratitude for his treatment there, Ozzy and wife SHARON donated the proceeds from their recent interview in Britain's HELLO! magazine to the hospital.

Sharon says, "They did an amazing job on making my husband well again and he wanted to pay back. And they're now going to be having an operating theatre which they're going to call, 'The Operating Room Ozzy Osbourne.'

"All the money from these silly pictures, which are just so frivolous, so silly, is actually going to do some real good. And he's gonna have a big operating room in his name, so we're very happy."

14/01/2004 21:40