Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has been deemed unfit to receive the FREEDOM OF BIRMINGHAM, the highest honour that can be awarded to a citizen of the British city.

City councillor TONY KENNEDY led a campaign for Ozzy to pick up the honour, claiming the former Black Sabbath frontman's battle to overcome drug and alcohol addiction could be inspirational for residents of the city.

But other councillors rejected the idea, saying they wouldn't vote for the heavy metal legend.

Councillor JOHN HEMMING scoffs, "Frankly I don't think he has done anything positive for Birmingham. Do we really want the city to share a reputation for biting the heads off bats?

"The idea of Osbourne as a role model is laughable. I can't see many parents wanting their children to grow up like him.

"If we want to give the honour to musicians, UB40 would be a far better bet. They have a business based in Birmingham and do a lot of charity work."

Ozzy was born in 1948 in Birmingham's Aston area. He teamed up with fellow Birmingham residents Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and GEEZER BUTLER in the late '60s to form Black Sabbath.

03/10/2003 19:26