Firefighters were called to extinguish a blaze at Ozzy Osbourne's English country mansion this morning (06JUL06). The fire started in the hallway of the Black Sabbath frontman's Buckinghamshire home and a female member of staff was subsequently treated for smoke inhalation. Osbourne and his family - wife SHARON, son JACK and daughters KELLY and AIMEE - were not in residence when a suspected electrical fault in a lamp started the blaze at approximately 7am (BST). A spokesperson for the Buckinghamshire Fire Service says the fire was "caught in the nick of time", adding, "If we hadn't been alerted so quickly it could have been worse." In March last year (05), there was a blaze in the mansion's living room, forcing the family to flee to the garden with their pets. In November 2004, Ozzy unsuccessfully grappled with burglars who stole an estimated GBP2 million ($3.6 million) in jewellery.