Ozzy Osbourne's son JACK has been hailed a hero after catching a thief who had attempted to steal a woman's handbag.
The reality TV star was walking along London's Marylebone High Street on Saturday (27Sep08) when he witnessed the crime take place.
He chased after the robber and wrestled him to the ground.
Fellow shoppers aided the 22-year-old in pinning the assailant down while they waited for the police to arrive.
A source tells Britain's News of the World newspaper: "He (Osbourne) ran after the mugger like a man possessed - a real hero. It happened so quickly. Whatever technique he used meant the robber couldn't escape."
But Osbourne insists his actions were simply reflex.
He says, "I could see the girl was in trouble, it just felt like the natural thing to do. I'm glad it turned out okay."