Ozzy Osbourne is planning an on-stage reunion with his ex-Black Sabbath bandmates - almost 30 years after he was axed from the band. The Prince of Darkness was sacked as the band's frontman in 1979 because of his drug abuse, but Osbourne is hoping the band could reunite and produce one last album. He tells MTV, "I'm still on for an album and a tour with them, but we have no (new material). It would be so easy for us to get in and out of a studio and make an album. But if it's not up to the par of when I left, why do it? It will destroy the f**king legacy of Black Sabbath, and the legend of Black Sabbath. "I haven't dropped the idea, because (guitarist) Tony (Lommi) and I are talking alright about it. I haven't abandoned the idea. We have repaired some of the damage between each other, and now, I'd like to do a really good f**king Black Sabbath album."