Ozzy Osbourne has been given a painful reminder of the quad-bike accident that almost crippled him over a year ago (DEC03) - the winter damp in his native Britain has left him in agony.

The rocker broke his ribs, collarbone and a neck vertebra in the accident and spent much of last year (04) recovering, wearing a neck brace.

And now, even though he has been given the all-clear by doctors, he's in constant agony.

He says, "I've got half a f**king bicycle in my shoulder now. Now the weather's getting a bit cold, it does give me a bit of aggro."

But Ozzy is so happy to be alive after dying twice in the accident, he has been back to visit the doctor he credits with putting him back together.

He says, "He said, 'Do you remember me?' and I said, 'Not really.' Apparently I got him by the throat and said, 'Don't you f**k up my tattoos.'"

07/01/2005 02:46