Ozzy Osbourne's eldest daughter AIMEE has slammed the producers of her family's reality MTV series - claiming they have turned her father into "a laughing stock".

The 20-year-old is furious that her mother SHARON and siblings KELLY and JACK agreed to take part in the fly-on-the-wall show because she predicted that it would ruin her dad's musical heritage by portraying him as a "clown".

Aimee - who has never appeared in the hugely-popular series - says, "I thought it was a big mistake to make THE OSBOURNES TV show and told my mum: 'They're going to make so much fun of you guys.' Today I look at it knowing everything I feared has come true.

"The first time I saw it and the way they edited it to make my dad look like a clown, I wanted to cry.

"They made him out to look totally incapable and I hated it. My mum, of course, won the argument. She won, in that the show became more successful than we all would have thought - but not in the way my dad is laughed at every day.

"Now he is a laughing stock and known as a stuttering alcoholic. After all his years of hard work and touring, this is how he's being remembered and appreciated."

03/12/2003 02:15