Ozzy Osbourne's daughter AIMEE is desperate to abolish her publicity-shy reputation.

The eldest child of Ozzy and SHARON was destined to sample the spotlight for the first time with her famous mother in London stage show THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES this month (APR05), but the pair dropped out when Aimee was struck down with an undisclosed illness over the weekend (02-03APR05).

When her parents, sister KELLY and brother JACK signed up with MTV to make reality show The Osbournes in 2002, Aimee declined, leading to her shy reputation.

However, when she returns to good health, she's finally ready to make her mark in the entertainment industry - and change the public's perception of her.

She says, "That really upset me - I do care what people think. I want to be respected as a human being, not as a recluse daughter who can't deal with the real world.

"My life is great, I'm happy and I'm about to embark on a big new chapter. I'm not a crazy person living in a tree."

05/04/2005 09:29