Owlle Releases 'Ticky Ticky' Remix  Ep Out Now

Owlle Releases 'Ticky Ticky' Remix Ep Out Now

French electro pop chanteuse Owlle is pleased to announce the release of her Ticky Ticky Remix EP out today! The EP features remixes by Team Ghost, Grum, Strip Steve and Moonlight Matters.

Owlle, with her flaming red hair atop turquoise eyes, enchants the eyes and ears of those who stumble upon the young French woman, coincidentally named France. Yet it was an Englishman and a British owl that happened to profoundly move her to take to emboldening Parisian dance floors to her warm, dream-pop voice and the glowing electronic embers of her sensual pop. Owlle was deeply marked by Brian Eno's "Quiet Club" art installation, giving her the wings to explore the links of electronics, visual arts and sounds. The creative cage soon opened wide when she received an unexpectedly ideal instrument - the omnichord - to free her passions influenced by the diverse worlds of Portishead, Martina Topley-Bird, Madonna, Boy George and Lykke Li. Already her music has resonated among the most critical ears, winning studio time with producer David Kosten (Bat for Lashes, Natalie Imbruglia) through the 2011 Les Inrocks Lab competition, drawing comparisons to Kate Bush and Zola Jesus, and appearing on the acclaimed Kitsuné Parisien II compilation.
The three tracks of her recently released first EP stoke those embers with fertile, ripened contrasts in anticipation of her upcoming debut album. "Ticky Ticky" is that electro-pop spark that embodies her sound that's enraptured dance floors. "Disorder" is that hatched gem that David Kosten's production nourished, with those traces of Kate Bush unfolding from Owlle's enchanting voice. The EP ends with the rippling "Without Devotion," oscillating R'n'B through a dazzling chorus. The fire-haired Owlle's captivating pop has already caught on in her own country, and now France has the fuel to burst beyond borders.

Tracklisting for the Ticky Ticky Remix EP:

1- Ticky Ticky (Team Ghost Remix)
2- Ticky Ticky (Grum Remix)
3- Ticky Ticky (Strip Steve Remix)
4- Disorder (Moonlight Matters Remix)