The Fireflies hitmaker parted ways with his label Republic Records last July (15), after releasing the album Mobile Orchestra. The split ended up being fruitful for Adam, as he ventured from pop music to composing scores for the big screen.

"Part of the reason for this endeavour is to give me a little bit of space and distance from the pop music space," he tells Billboard. "I can switch gears and test my muscles in this instrumental world and I hope when I come back to pop music have all these new ideas."

Adam will release a new score on the first of each month in 2016, and he kicked off the series in February (16) with a composition centred around Apollo 11 and its first successful journey to the Moon in 1969.

"Apollo 11 grabbed my imagination," he explains. "Everything I’ve known has been based here on Earth and here are these three other people that got in space suits and explored the Moon."

Adam has released a Titanic-themed score for March, but made sure it sounded nothing like the iconic score the late composer James Horner made for the blockbuster film in 1997.

Adam says, "I tried to make sure that whatever I was doing would stand alone and not be too influenced by Horner’s amazing score."

While he hasn't made definite plans for the rest of the year, he says other theme possibilities include Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight, the California Gold Rush, the first ascent of Mount Everest and the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

And as Adam follows in the footsteps of fellow musicians-turned film composers such as Trent Reznor and Jonny Greenwood, he doesn't plan on abandoning Owl City all together.

"I'm definitely thinking ahead to a new Owl City album," he reveals. "Preliminary discussions with a few new potential label homes have taken place and will continue later in the year when I decide what I want to do."