Troubled movie star Owen Wilson has given the ok for the release of a film in which he plays a suicidal man.

The Texan actor reportedly tried to kill himself last month and was found at his Santa Monica home with slit wrists and having suffered a drug overdose.

And in his new movie The Darjeeling Limited - set for its UK premiere at next month's Times BFI London Film Festival - Wilson portrays a character who tries to commit suicide by deliberately crashing his motorcycle.

But despite fears that the movie would be postponed in light of Wilson's recent problems, director Wes Anderson has confirmed that Wilson was opposed to changing the release date.

"That's not what I want and not what Owen wants. Owen's very happy we're releasing it now," the auteur told

Wilson and Anderson are longtime friends, having worked together on Bottle Rocket, Rushmore - a semi-autobiographical account of Wilson's time at an exclusive prep school - and ensemble comedy The Royal Tenebaums.

Roman Coppola, screenwriter of The Darjeeling Limited, added: "There's the show business adage of 'the show must go on'. We're all sympathetic about our friend's well-being. I haven't spoken with him about this but I think he'd be very eager that the film be shown. He's proud of the work we did.

"In terms of art and personal life echoing one another, that's the proper way to make a movie."

28/09/2007 14:51:47