Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has found a common link between his ex-girlfriends and his school reports - both always pulled him up on being carefree and irresponsible.

The single STARSKY + HUTCH actor, who has previously dated rock singer Sheryl Crow, is constantly being accused of lacking decisiveness and commitment when it comes to relationships.

But Wilson has heard it all before - from his school teachers.

He says, "The complaints of my girlfriends sound a lot like the comments I used to get from my teachers, 'Owen is lacking in seriousness, he's not working up to his potential.'

"One girl gave me a watch for my birthday, with a card that read, 'I hope this helps with your timing, so you don't miss the boat on your next relationship.'

"But the great thing is, more boats are coming over the horizon, and I've got to say, some of these boats look pretty good."

12/07/2005 02:50