Owen Wilson has volunteered to take a paternity test after a woman claimed he is the father of her unborn baby.

The 49-year-old actor already has sons, Ford, seven, with his ex-girlfriend, Jade Duell and Finn, four, with personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist and was recently approached by a woman claiming she is carrying his third child.

According to Us Weekly, Owen immediately offered to take a test to establish paternity.

A source told the publication: ''Owen has been a great father to his two boys and has maintained a warm and close relationship with their mothers.

''Of course if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child.''

Owen recently spoke out about being a father and said he can already tell what his sons will be like as teenagers.

He said: ''Sometimes it feels more like I'm already seeing how they're going to be as teenagers where they're sort of ganging up on me. We went to Sequoia National Park and they have the biggest tree in the world. Ford's like, 'I've seen bigger.' I'm like, 'Well no, Ford, actually you haven't seen bigger, this is the biggest tree in the world. He's like, 'If you say so.'''

And he explained that Finn looks up to his older brother and tries to emulate him in every way.

He said: ''Ford kind of charges, and Finn does too. They do these little dance offs, that are not so much dancing, it's more like parkour.

''It's more just them hurling themselves around, doing flips and hitting each other with pillows.''