Owen Wilson is to return to filmmaking for the first time since his alleged suicide attempt last August.

The 39-year-old actor was hospitalised last summer after reportedly slashing his wrists and withdrew from upcoming comedy Tropic Thunder.

He also pulled out of the Venice premier of The Darjeeling Limited, asking to be allowed to "heal in private".

But the Texan is to return to work next month in an adaptation of John Grogan's bestselling book Marley & Me.

Wilson will star alongside Friends star Jennifer Aniston in the 20th Century Fox production which tells of a journalistic couple whose lives are transformed when they decide to adopt a dog as a trial run for parenthood.

Set for a Christmas Day release in the US, the true story movie sees the pair overwhelmed by their unimaginably mischievous adopted puppy.

Wedding Crashers star Wilson was Oscar-nominated for his co-scripting of The Royal Tenenbaums in 2002 with long-time collaborator Anderson, but took a break from acting after his well-publicised personal problems last summer.

He can next be seen in comedy Drillbit Taylor - co-written by Knocked Up actor Seth Rogen - as a low-budget bodyguard hired by three school children in a bid to protect them from the unwanted attention of a playground bully.

20/02/2008 10:02:39