Owen Wilson is refusing to talk about turning 50 this year.

The comic actor reaches the milestone date on November 18 this year but rather than think about hitting the next decade of his life he just wants to enjoy being in his 40s for the remaining few months.

In an interview with The I Paper, he said: ''I just turned 49 so I want to enjoy this before I start talking about 50. I feel like a footballer when he wins and they ask, 'OK, so what about your next game?' And you want him to reply, 'Well let me enjoy this win and we'll deal with the next game when we get to it.' ''

Owen admits it feels ''weird'' to be almost 50 and he can remember when his surf buddy and Maui neighbour Woody Harrelson hit the major age six years ago it felt strange to him too.

He explained: ''It all seems weird because I remember when my friend Woody Harrelson turned 50 and I thought, 'That does not seem right. How can golden boy be 50?' ''

Owen splits his time between Maui in Hawaii and Malibu, California, so he can spend time with his sons; Robert, seven, with his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell and Finn, four, from his relationship with Swedish personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist, and he can see similarities between his kids and him and his actor brothers Andrew and Luke.

Owen said: ''I love being in Maui with it's a hippy lifestyle but I end up spending more time in Los Angeles where my boys go to school ... Growing up with brothers, I have some experience in the way that you can love them and they can drive you crazy. It's a very thin line. I think the only real fights I've ever had have been with my brothers. Family trips were memorable for the arguments and my dad swearing he was never going to do it again.''