Owen Wilson, the 42-year-old American actor and star of the new movie 'Little Fockers', says he froze on set during his first shoot with screen legend Robert De Niro, reports Access Hollywood. Both actors recently finished work on the third movie in the comedy franchise, but Wilson said De Niro's notoriously powerful presence initially intimidated him.
Speaking at Wednesday's (15th December 2010) New York premiere of 'Little Fockers', Wilson said, "I have a strong memory of the first time I was in the scene with De Niro. I'm taking the family to my house, and showing this like great big house I have and I turn to talk about the house.I see De Niro's face". The actor went on, saying, "It was the whole cast, but I just kind of froze up when I saw De Niro, and Ben started laughing because he could see what was happening". Wilson, who has worked with some of the biggest actors on the planet including Brad Pitt and JIM CAREY, said De Niro left him lost for words, adding, "None of my lines came out - it was just gibberish".
'Little Fockers' sees De Niro, Wilson, Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman reprise their roles in the hit comedy franchise and the movie is set to hit cinemas on 22nd December 2010.