Hollywood actor Owen Wilson walked out of a dinner at a restaurant in New York City this week (beg05Aug13) after one of his friends threw a foul-mouthed tantrum in front of other diners.

The Zoolander star was enjoying a meal with his pal Peter Brant at Manhattan Italian eaterie Da Silvano on Tuesday night (06Aug13) when a member of their group, art dealer Tony Shafrazi, turned up late and yelled at the pair for failing to answer their cell phones while he was stuck outside.

A source tells New York Post gossip column Page Six that Wilson was so upset, he abandoned his dandelion salad and walked out.

The witness says, "Shafrazi was cursing them both out... As Tony went on and on, Owen looked more uncomfortable. Finally Owen decided he'd had enough and said, 'Go f**k yourself,' and stormed off."

Shafrazi has since branded the incident a "misunderstanding" and insisted there are no hard feelings between the group, adding, "After a long day's work, I ended up at the wrong restaurant... Having waited outside, I couldn't get either of them on the telephone. I felt a little embarrassed waiting in the street.

"I expressed frustrated language, but they are both extremely close friends. Owen is like a son to me, and Peter was my best man. I ended up sitting and talking to Peter for a while. Owen walked away, that happens. There is nobody I hold higher in my affection than Owen and Peter."