The Indian star of Owen Wilson's new movie insists she'll never pick up another cigarette after chain smoking her way through the film. Pretty Amara Karam had never smoked before landing the part of Rita in The Darjeeling Limited - and asked friends to help her master the habit, so that by the time she first met director Wes Anderson she'd be puffing like a pro. But she hated every moment she had to put a cigarette to her lips. She says, "As part of the audition process I made sure that I lit up at some point during the day because I wanted Wes to see me smoking because I didn't want him not to cast me because he didn't get that smoking vibe. "Before, I was holding it like some kind of blowtorch that might singe somebody. I didn't smoke and all of my friends smoke and so I developed a bit of a complex, so I practiced smoking with my friends in preparation for the film. "I gave up as soon as I finished filming. It's really disgusting."