Funk duo Outkast are to turn their upcoming solo albums into a new movie musical.

Movie maker BRYAN BARBER, who directed Outkast videos LAND OF A MILLION DRUMS and THE WHOLE WORLD, will turn DRE and Big Boi's solo ventures, SPEAKERBOXX and THE LOVE BELOW, into a new film.

The untitled movie, which will debut early next year (04), will star Dre and Big Boi and possibly Rosario Dawson, who appears on Dre's The Love Below project.

Producer ROBERT GURALNICK reveals the movie will be a period piece in the vein of O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

The film will be the first in a series of six films to be written and directed by up-and-coming urban film-makers for HBO FILMS.

25/06/2003 02:27