Outkast's ANDRE 3000 and Wyclef Jean have become the latest hip-hop stars to urge fans to vote in the forthcoming US presidential election.

The pair were joined by Russell Simmons, REVEREND RUN and rapper Free at the Boston Hip-Hop Summit yesterday (26JUL04), where they encouraged young voters to make sure they go to the polls in November (04).

Andre 3000 says, "I want to check ya'll just for a minute.

"I'd hate to say that the only reason ya'll is coming out is just to see some entertainers - so I hope to see ya'll at the polls."

Jean, who was sporting a 'Wyclef for President' shirt, warned the crowd that, "If ya'll don't vote, one of your cousins is going to war.

"You turn on CNN and you'll see another beheading. That's why ya'll got to vote. (American President GEORGE W) Bush got to go."

In May (04), Eminem urged rap fans to vote at the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit.

27/07/2004 17:31