Outkast singer ANTWAN 'BIG BOI' PATTON had a close call at a US airport recently when he remembered he had marijuana in his pocket while going through security. The star was on his way to Los Angeles to promote his new film Idlewild, when he recalled he was carrying the illegal drug. He tells the Los Angeles Times, "When I was flying in from Atlanta, I had to go through that machine at the airport that blows air all over you to check for bombs. "And I forgot that I had five joints in my pocket. It was too late to find a trash can and I'm like, 'Where am I gonna throw this weed?'" Patton's music partner, ANDRE 'Andre 3000' BENJAMIN adds, "That's when you get those hundred dollar bills ready in your palm. "And you come up to the guard like, 'How can we make this work, partner?'" Patton subsequently made it through airport security without being arrested.