The eagerly-awaited Outkast movie will be a 1930s-themed musical.

BRYAN BARBER, responsible for a number of the duo's music videos, has directed the film which he's tentatively calling SPEAKERBOXXX - after Outkast's hit album SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW.

He tells MTV NEWS of the movie, which is due to hit theatres in June (05), "It's a 1930s musical. I took some of the music from Outkast and set it in that time.

"That's one of the things I set out to do. I was trying to make a statement on how music from today could have been music from the 1930s. CAB CALLOWAY and Duke Ellington, the pace of their music is about the same as rap. The things they talked about were the same, carrying guns and carrying knives or women cheating. There's a lot of similarities and I wanted to show how it could have been a part of that era."

He adds of the plot, "I had this idea in my mind for two years and wrote it loosely based on my life and wrote their parts loosely based on some of our experiences together as well.

"Basically, Dre (ANDRE 3000) and Big Boi have coinciding stories. Big Boi's in a love triangle and has to choose between his dream of being a businessman and his family. And Dre's is more of a tragic love story. He falls in love with someone from out of town, which motivates him to follow his dream.

"They mostly rap in it. There are some new tracks and Outkast songs I think should have been released as singles, as well as some old 1930s music mixed in there."

02/02/2005 21:17