Outkast rapper Big Boi has so many cars in his collection he's constructing another building at his Georgia home to house them all.

The MS JACKSON star - real name ANTWAN PATTON - owns 11 automobiles but currently only has space for six of them at his rural estate near Atlanta.

He says, "I'm in the process now of building another house.

"Living out here, there's a lot of older people that have cars that are garage kept, and on Sundays they put them on the side of the road with a for sale sign and I just go out there and get 'em."

But Big Boi insists he doesn't drive his cars aggressively, preferring a more gentle style.

He adds, "I'm more of a cruiser, but I like when you go from driving something's that's modern to something that's older. I like something that you can put your foot all the way to the ground in."

11/04/2005 17:39