Outkast star Andre 3000 explains explicit rap lyrics to his son STEVEN, because he believes it is important for the nine-year-old to understand the language of the street. The MS JACKSON rapper has no intention of sheltering his son from the violence prevalent in modern America and is convinced it's his responsibility to provide Steven with a realistic understanding of street life. He says, "There is a lot of swearing because that is what's real, and I don't see the problem with kids hearing that. "My latest album (Idlewild) has a Parental Advisory sticker so you know there's swearing but yes, I do let my son listen to it. "He's nine. That's old enough. I know he hears those sort of words outside - of course he does. "I explain the lyrics to him; I explain the words so he understands what they mean. That's my job as his parent."