Othello Woolf Debuts 'Odysseus'

Othello Woolf Debuts 'Odysseus'

Othello Woolf is an electronic R&B artist from London, UK. From an early age, Othello gravitated towards music when he would teach himself the piano at school after hours.  Othello recently returned from Miami after working with Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland, Aalliyah, Missy Elliott) on pre-production for his forthcoming new album.

Othello has performed at select events/venues including Armani Summer Party, The ICA, and London Fashion Week.  When asked to describe his new album, he responded, "Music for listening on your headphones late at night in darkness on your own or with your girl." Othello Woolf.

The second track to be released from the album is 'Odysseus' - a slaming beat the backdrop to a story of love against the odds, hence the Odysseus/Penelope reference.  Further tracks will follow in the coming months, then the full album in Spring '13.