Oscar Isaac's STAR WARS-obsessed uncle was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he visited his actor nephew on the set of the upcoming installment and was offered a role as an extra.

The Inside Llewyn Davis star is a part of the Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens cast, and his superfan uncle was delighted to land a job on the highly-anticipated film.

Isaac tells New York Magazine that he arranged for his relative to visit the set in England, and when he met director J.J. Abrams, the filmmaker made his uncle an offer he couldn't refuse.

The actor explains, "My uncle, my brother, my cousin are all Star Wars geeks. They're like the biggest Star Wars fans of all time. My uncle almost passed out when he found out. He (Abrams) asked him, 'You want to be in the movie?' And so he put him in as an extra! Isn't that the most amazing thing?

"My family couldn't even believe it, it was the most amazing thing that ever could have happened."

The sci-fi epic is scheduled to hit cinemas next December (15).