The Ex MAChina star portrays ace pilot Poe Dameron in the much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, and admits his first experience in the cockpit apparatus left him feeling rather ill.

"They take just the cockpit area and just put it on a gimbal and then they just move that thing around all over the place," Oscar told U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "The first time I was on it, I was yelling and doing my thing, and I got so sick, 'cause I was so hot and it was moving around, I had to stop. I was like, 'Hold on guys, I need to swallow my lunch for a second!'"

The Star Wars newcomer reveals he was also given specific instructions on which buttons he should and shouldn't touch at the helm of the jet, based on which controls had previously been used in the first six instalments of the sci-fi franchise.

"I saw a blueprint on my desk," he recalls. "It listed... every button that had been used in the previous six films, in an X-wing, so that I knew what did what, and which ones were free for me to imagine anything with, so it's an incredible amount of detail that goes into this universe."

Oscar reached out to his co-star and original Star Wars actor Harrison Ford, who is a licensed pilot himself, for tips on how to make the flying scenes seem more realistic, but he quickly learned the movie veteran hadn't followed the same rules when he previously filmed in an X-wing.

"He offered to even take me up (in a plane) with him, but he did say, 'I was just making it up and it's in space, so the rules don't really apply to piloting! So you've got some room to make it up,'" Oscar says.

"So I think, 'Oh yeah, I'll make it up, and then I get a blueprint of exactly what I have to touch, and I'm like, 'Wait a second, which one is it here?!'" he laughs.

Harrison actually suffered a piloting nightmare in March (15) when he was forced to make an emergency crash landing on a California golf course after his vintage two-seater aircraft suffered an engine problem minutes after take off.

The crash left the 73 year old with a broken pelvis and ankle, less than a year after breaking his leg during an onset accident on The Force Awakens.