Oscar De La Renta thinks women should not be ''married'' to one fragrance.

The designer will soon release Essential Luxuries - a set of six perfumes referencing his favourite things - and he did so because he thinks people will want to smell of more than one thing every day.

He said: ''We don't change the way we look on a daily basis, but we may want to change the way we smell.

''A woman now wants to represent herself in many different ways, at different times. There is a world that is wide open to women, with a lot of choices. I no longer think a woman is married to one fragrance.''

Alexander Bolen, chief executive of the brand, says the idea behind the fragrance was to focus Oscar's beauty collection.

He told WWD.com: ''Our intention with this is to continue the rehabilitation and elevation of our [beauty] brand, which had lost its way a little bit over the last decade or so. It's a very personal collection that tells the consumer not only are we a prestigious fragrance house, but what that means. Who better to tell that story than Oscar?''