Oscar De La Renta wants women to look beautiful while wearing his clothes.

The 80-year-old designer says he is absolutely fascinated with every female and when he creates clothes, his main aim is for them to look good in them.

He said: ''Fashion is at its best now, because women have more control over their lives than ever. I just want to see them looking beautiful... in my clothes.

''Without women, I would be deeply bored and extremely poor.''

Despite the financial uncertainty in the world, Oscar is still enjoying big success and he thinks that's down to the fact he is producing his best work ever.

When asked by Britain's Hello! magazine if the current recession improves talent, Oscar said: ''Yes, and it makes it enduring. It takes a creative spirit to bring a fashion house alive. Without that, it's an empty shell.

''Luxury is a quality of life that has nothing to do with money.''