HAILEY CLAUSEN, a 16 year-old Californian model who has worked with everyone from JILL STUART, Oscar De La Renta, Donna Karan, Zac Posen and Calvin Klein, is suing Urban Outfitters for allegedly 'destroying her reputation', E! Online understands.
The controversy centres around a picture of Hailey, taken when she was 15, of her sat on a motorcycle with her legs wide open, wearing a pair of tiny shorts, whilst modelling a hipster t-shirt sold by urban outfitters. The claim is more directly made against the photographer JASON LEE PARRY who, according to the claim, purposefully made "her crotch area the focal point of the image" causing the shot to be of interest "for the likes of paedophiles."
Parry told the New York Post that the girl's parents were present during the March 2010 photo shoot and gave him permission to publish the pictures. He also claimed that he never intended to sell the pictures, and that: ".the images got stole from me" and then put onto T-shirts after they were posted on a series of blogs. Urban Outfitters have yet to comment on the accusations.