Former boxing champ-turned entertainer and promoter Oscar De La Hoya has assured fans he has no plans of returning to the ring as a fighter after sharing photos of a training session via on Tuesday (30Oct12).

The boxing world got exited by the snaps of a sweat-drenched De La Hoya, dressed in fight gear and looking like he was ready for a comeback, but the Latino sports star insists the shots were just for show.

He tells he has no plans to come out of retirement, stating, "I wish I could. Seriously. Look, I love training and I'm actually even hitting the heavy bag, working out and this and that. I love boxing... and it hurts me deep down inside that I can't. I just can't.

"I wake up every single morning thinking, 'Maybe today, maybe I turned back the clock and maybe I can!' But I can't, I can't do it. And it hurts me."

But at least he has a fight night to look forward to as a promoter - De La Hoya's Golden Boy Productions will stage the much-anticipated Amir Khan/Carlos Molina match in Los Angeles in December (15Dec12).