LATEST: The woman behind fake photos of American boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya faces criminal charges after she was arrested for shoplifting.
Former stripper Milana Dravnel, 22, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge in New York on Tuesday (01Jul08) after she attempted to leave retail giant MACy's with a bag holding more than $1,000 (GBP500) in merchandise.
She was allegedly only able to show proof to authorities of $200 (GBP100) in purchases.
Dravnel declined an offer from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of time served.
Her lawyer says, "The charges are nonsense and the next few court appearances are going to show there's no evidence against Milana to even have her arrested."
Dravnel first hit the headlines last year (07) when she claimed to be the photographer of a series of snaps of De La Hoya dressed in drag.
The pictures, in which the boxer appeared to be wearing an all-in-one fishnet outfit and stiletto heels, were later proven to be fakes.
Last month (Jun08) Dravnel dropped her $25 million (GBP12.5 million) slander lawsuit against De La Hoya when experts ruled the saucy snaps were digitally altered.
Police have confirmed Dravnel was arrested for a prior shoplifting offence in 2003.