Internet photos of Oscar De La Hoya wearing a fishnet bodysuit, wig and high heels have been ruled fake by the boxer/singer's attorney. The shocking shots, which appear to have been taken in a hotel room, depict De La Hoya in a series of raunchy poses. But, in a statement, the star's attorney insists close inspection will make it clear the pictures are part of a hoax. The statement reads: "The photographs that were posted online by an obscure paparazzi web site are fake. Many of the web site's viewers (as reflected in postings on the site) identified the photos as 'a really bad photoshop job.' "Unfortunately, with today's technology, anyone can make any photo seem like something other than it is. "Mr. De La Hoya, through his attorneys, has demanded in writing that the images be removed from the web site. "Mr. De La Hoya has become one of the most recognizable faces in America... It is regrettable that the price of fame that comes to Mr. De La Hoya and others carries with it the possibility that outsiders will nevertheless seek to exploit that fame for their own profit."