Osama Bin Laden's pop star niece has been forced to change her name because she's constantly taunted about her family connection to the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 atrocities.

WAFAR DUFOUR's estranged father is Bin-Laden's half-brother and she has struggled to get her musical career off the ground following the attacks on the country she has called home since arriving in America from her native Switzerland when she was 10.

Dufour sobbed on talk show host Donny Deutsch's nightly show The Big Idea on Monday night (11JUL05) as the advertising bigwig-turned-TV star grilled her about her links to Bin Laden.

The singer said, "It's hard to answer these questions. I just want people in the States to know I have nothing to do with that person and it's hard for me to be always associated. It's a big family and I don't know what everybody else has done.

"My mom raised me since I'm 10 years old and she made me believe in all the freedoms that the United States believe in, and, since September 11th, I've been harassed by the press all the time, saying, 'OK, she has something to do with (it),' and I have nothing to do (with it).

"It's hard for me to hide and to be rejected from people with whom I share the same values... I want to be accepted in this country and I don't feel that I am."

13/07/2005 02:40