Like any other new cable network that launches without ratings, Al Jazeera America will premiere on Tuesday with only a handful of advertisers. But the network, which is being funded from the deep pockets of the Qatar government, faces a heavy burden of advertiser distrust given the Arab-language network's efforts to present the opinions of terrorist sympathizers, including Osama Bin Laden, with those of moderates in The Middle East. Today's (Monday) New York Post quoted one unnamed advertiser as saying, I wouldn't give them a dime, especially as we are in New York [where the most devastating 9/11 attacks took place]. Another advertiser said he's not touching that one. Still another worried about so much backlash from consumers. I'd never advise anyone to buy it, he said. The network has insisted that it is committed to airing unbiased, in-depth news reports from solid, primarily American, journalists, including ex NBC News anchor John Seigenthaler, CNN anchor Soledad O'brien, and former CNN business anchor Ali Velshi.