Orlando Bloom felt blessed to work with Johnny Depp on new movie PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, because the star's been his acting hero since he was 15.

The 26-year-old confesses he still finds the versatile Depp an inspirational figure 11 years on.

The Lord Of The Rings hunk says, "He was always morphing into different characters, never doing the same thing, always turning everything on its head. We'll that's how I look at it now: back then, he was just a really cool guy."

And spending time with 40-year-old Depp confirmed one of Orlando's suspicions - that famous people are actually rather nice.

He gushes, "I haven't come across anyone at that kind of level who hasn't been a really cool person.

"And it makes sense, when you think about it, because if you've got the opportunity to work in the industry you want to work in, doing what you love, and you're really well paid for it, why wouldn't you be a nice person."

09/07/2003 17:11