Orlando Bloom says he and his ex-wife Miranda Kerr are a true ''modern patchwork'' family.

The British actor and the Australian model split in 2013 after three years of marriage after meeting and beginning their relationship in 2007.

The former couple have a seven-year-old son Flynn together and Miranda is currently expecting her first baby with her new spouse Evan Spiegel who founded Snapchat.

Orlando insists there is no friction between them and he is always present at major celebrations like Christmas because he and Miranda choose not to make each other's lives ''hell'' and now get on like ''brother and sister''.

Speaking to the new German issue of GQ Style magazine, he said: ''Miranda is a wonderful mother, and Flynn gets on great with her new husband. We are a modern patchwork family. When holidays come we are all together. We are still very close, but now more like brother and sister. Whether you make life mutually hell is a conscious decision. We decided to be nice to each other.''

Orlando - who most recently was romancing pop star Katy Perry - knew that he would become less career-focused after Fynn came along because he wanted to be a present father in the life of his son in his formative years.

He said: ''Our experiences in the first years of our life influence everything. When I realised that, I knew that I would work less. I knew that I could not simultaneously shoot big movies and build the basic trust of my child. Carnival Row is now my first big project which requires me to be away for several months and can only visit. But now that's okay.''

'Lord of the Rings' star Orlando is now in his 40s and he admits reaching the milestone age provided him with the realisation that he had been an emotionally stunted person but he has managed to get in tune with his feelings by taking up meditation and trampoline jumping.

The 41-year-old actor said: ''My heart was a bit dull over the years. I have had a pretty interesting year of personal development, it certainly has something to do with the fact that I turned 40. I think my heart has been dull over the years, and it was time to experience, on a spiritual level, what love and happiness mean. Since then I have been trying to arouse the positive emotions every morning - through meditation and intellectual stimulation. Oh, and by trampoline jumping!''