Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were reportedly in a ''loveless marriage'' for the last two years.

The A-list couple - who got married in 2010 - were reportedly struggling to keep the romance alive in their union before they announced their split on Friday (25.10.13) and pals close to the pair say they hadn't been on the same page since the end of 2011.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Miranda felt that Orlando's filming schedule was too difficult to balance with family life. But in the end he felt that she was too tied to work commitments in New York. Something had to give.''

Olando, 36, and Miranda, 30, allegedly tried to keep their marriage from crumbling on three occasions for the sake of their two-year-old son, Flynn, but ultimately felt staying together would be a ''sham''.

The insider added: ''Everyone in Hollywood knew they were no longer a couple. They weren't living together and the spark has gone. They fell out of love long before they were prepared to accept the marriage was over.

''At times they'd keep up appearances while they were out and about, but it was a bit of a sham.''

The couple admitted in a statement they have been ''amicably separated'' for six months and just hours after the announcement was made, Orlando gushed about kissing his co-star, Condola Rashad, in a new Broadway production of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

He said: ''We sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on. Sometimes I'm like, 'I'm not letting go.' ''