The Los Angeles cop spearheading the campaign to track down the teenage burglars targeting the homes of stars like Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton is struggling to understand why the thieves stole personal items which were only precious to their owners.
The leaders of Hollywood's so-called 'Bling Ring' have been rounded up by cops, but case leader Brett Goodkin is still mystified about the motives for the burglaries - and what was taken from the homes of Bloom, Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, among others.
He estimates the teenagers' Hollywood haul amounts to more than $2.8 million (£1.75 million).
Goodkin says, "Many celebrities lost family heirlooms - pieces of jewellery, pieces of art, and (in) most of those cases, they didn't have much monetary value to anyone else.
"It wasn't about money. It was about, 'My uncle gave it to me,' or, 'Y'know (sic), the first time I ever got a job as an actor, I treated myself and I bought myself that - and I really want it back.'"
The six young adults believed to be behind the 'Bling Ring' include Rachel Lee and Nicholas Prugo - both 19 year olds are accused of stealing millions in jewellery and luxury goods from stars' homes.
They have both pleaded not guilty to charges of felony burglary and receiving stolen property.