Orlando Bloom has HEART star NANCY WILSON and movie legend Vivien Leigh to thank for his latest film role - because director Cameron Crowe feared he was too British for the part.

Crowe originally chose Ashton Kutcher to play opposite Kirsten Dunst in new movie ELIZABETHTOWN, but when the actor and the director realised it simply wasn't working, the movie-maker started thinking about Bloom, who he once worked with on a Gap TV ad - even though he feared he'd struggle with a Kentucky accent.

He says, "I couldn't get him out of my head for the part, but I did think, 'He's British.'

"Then my wife (Nancy Wilson) said, 'Y'know VIVIEN LEIGH's British and she's in Gone With The Wind,' and I was like, 'You're right.'"

As for deciding Kutcher wasn't the man for the role, Crowe explains, "I really liked Ashton. I thought Ashton had a great kind of stillness mode that hadn't been seen, so we worked on the part for a while.

"It went from great high-fiving sessions to, 'I think this could be good,' to us kind of saying, 'Y'know what, next time'."