Orlando Bloom's cousin has blamed the paparazzi chasing the movie star for the car crash that left one of the actor's passengers injured on Friday morning (12Oct07). Photographer Sebastian Copeland insists his famous relative is "doing fine" after his early morning accident, but he was shaken up by the paparazzi army chasing him through Los Angeles - and that led to the crash. Copeland tells U.S. TV news show The Insider, "Luckily, it was a fender bender and unfortunate, ofcourse, because he was chased by paparazzi and we know from the past what fatal consequences it can have. Luckily, this time around, he is fine." Copeland isn't surprised the police found no evidence to suggest Bloom had been drinking alcohol while partying at Los Angeles club The Green Room earlier in the night - because the actor's a tee-totaller. The photographer adds, "He is a non-alcohol drinker so I think he is a great role model." And Copeland hopes something can be done about what he calls "this frenzy the media has with celebrities," before a star is seriously injured or killed in a car crash. He rages, "I wish we could mandate something against this type of activity because it is bound to create more of this type of incident and puts people in danger and for what? A photograph of them coming out of a car or getting a Starbucks coffee?"