Brooding hunk Orlando Bloom insists he's not an "adrenaline junkie" any more - after overcoming his passion for dangerous activities on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

The British actor claims his co-star Johnny Depp made him realise stunts are potentially deadly, and should be left to the people who are experienced in the field - the stunt men.

He says, "I'm not an adrenaline junkie. People have this idea of me that I cruise cities looking for the next building to throw myself off. It's b*******. I got it all out of my system in New Zealand. Johnny Depp's taught me to respect the stunt men.

"He said, 'Let them get injured. They're good at it.' And as for the wholesome action hero image I seem to have earned through Lord Of The Rings, I'm working on that too."

And the up-and-coming screen star hates the prospect of becoming a poster boy.

He continues, "I've had enough of being the cool-clean shaven elf, the cool, wholesome pirate slayer. Do I want to be a pin-up? Do I want to be a poster boy? No I f****** don't!

"People turn to me sometimes and ask, 'So you only do costume dramas now, do you?' I'm like, 'F*** off!'"

18/07/2003 20:03