Hunky Hollywood sensation Orlando Bloom's career in movies may be short-lived - because it's not enough to keep him happy.

The British actor - who plans to take a break once filming has wrapped on new Brad Pitt movie TROY - avoids the celebrity party circuit in a bid to maintain a normal life, and he's now desperate to spend time with his pals and family.

He says, "One thing I've learnt is I'm not going to be happy just from earning money and making movies.

"It's weird. I'm interested to see how I fare back in the world of normality. Because I haven't stopped to think about operating in life without work and the structure that creates.

"(Maybe I'll) drive around the country a bit. I haven't even bought a car yet. I fancy reading some books, listening to some music, doing up my place. See my mates, my family. Try and enjoy it."

09/09/2003 21:13